Ir Marc van Kempen (show/hide) Abstract
I'm investigating refactoring of software architecture models, more specifically UML models. At the moment I'm focussing on establishing a method to determine behaviour equivalence before and after the refactoring. Another important aspect is to research refactoring of Architecture Models from one architectural style to another.

Ir Gertjan Zwartjes (show/hide) Abstract
Currently teamleader at Sagantec (, Blog: ( Area of interest is software engineering processes and tools, specialized in Agile processes and (Open Source) software development tools.

Dr Karen Renaud

Prof Judith Bishop (show/hide) Abstract
My interests extend to the appropriate use of object-oriented programming languages, the translation of systems from centralised to distributed versions, and software architecture issues related to component connection.

Ir Joost van Geffen

Prof Roelf van den Heever (show/hide) Abstract
Has a wide-ranging interest in all areas of software engineering. Was very early in the field with technologies such as object orientation, patterns, ERP systems, etc. A special current interest in 'mote' technology.

Joburg Center for Software Engineering (JCSE) (show/hide) Abstract

What is the JCSE?
Wits University and the City of Joburg, in partnership with Government and Industry in the ICT sector, have established a Center of Software Engineering at Wits. This Center will draw on well-established academic and research programmes at Wits and will provide the focal point of a software development cluster. The concept strongly supports the City's "Joburg 2030 Vision", which sees Johannesburg as the hub of Africa's software development sector.

The Joburg Center for Software Engineering (JCSE) aims to:

  • promote best practice in software development within an African context;
  • grow South Africa's capacity to deliver world class software; and
  • develop research and training initiatives to strengthen the local software development industry.

Visit their site here: