2007-12-14   Book Publication
Congratulation to Prof Derrick Kourie, Dr Antonie Botha and Professor Retha Snyman for publication of the book, Coping With Continuous Change in the Business Environment: Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Technology

2007-10-17   FASTAR/Espresso Workshop 2007
The FASTAR/Espresso Workshop 2007 will be held at Fort Schanskop in Pretoria, South Africa on Monday October 22 and Tuesday October 23. The program can be downloaded here.

2007-02-09   David Fick's MSc presentation
David Fick has successfully presented his MSc today.

2006-11-18   Espresso/FASTAR NetWorkshop 2006
Today we successfully concluded our annual workshop.
It was once again an enlightening event.

2006-09-06   SATNAC 2006
Morkel Theunissen presented 'Open Source Software Development: Next Steps for the Local Telecommunications Industry', co-authored by Andrew Boake and Derrick Kourie, at the Southern African Telecommunication Networks & Applications Conference (SATNAC)

2006-09-05   PhD Graduation
Congratulation to Tonie Botha who received his PhD today.

2006-09-05   MSc Graduation
Congratulation to Janno Grobler who received his MSc today.

2006-08-28   PSC'06
Tinus Strauss presented 'A Concurrent Specification of Brozozowski's DFA construction algorithm', co-authored by Derrick G. Kourie and Bruce W. Watson, at The Prague Stringology Conference 2006.

2006-08-11   Inter-Research Group Sports Event
Victory Photo
(more photos)
Espresso/FASTAR won 'The Noud De Beijer Floating Trophy for Inter-Research Group Sports' during a Volleyball tournament.

Thanks to all the groups and their players for participating.

2006-07-26   Tonie Botha's PhD Presentation
Tonie Botha has successfully presented his PhD today.

2006-06-30   Fastar/Espresso Postgraduate Production in 2006
Congratulations to Janno Grobler with the completion of his MSc. He will graduate in September 2006.

In addition, Tonie Botha's PhD thesis on "A new framework for a technological perspective of knowledge managament" has been accepted, and the degree will be awarded in September 2006.

2006-06-30   2006 Fastar / Espresso Workshop
The Fastar / Espresso Workshop will be held on 16/17 November. Details to follow.

2006-06-28   Farewell to Sergei
Today Sergei Obiedkov concluded his Post-doctorate visit to the University of Pretoria.

2006-04-30   April 2006 Graduation
Congratulations to Tinus Strauss & Iwan Vosloo who both obtained MSc's (cum laude) this month.

2006-01-29   IFIP WG 11.9 2nd International Conference on Digital Forensics
Tinus Strauss presented 'Differentiated Services for Logical Traffic Isolation', co-authored by Martin S. Olivier and Derrick G. Kourie, at the IFIP WG 11.9 2nd International Conference on Digital Forensics

2005-10-27   Gang of Five wins Most Innovative Project Award

The Gang
Gang of Five - a COS 301 group associated with Espresso - received the Most Innovative Project Award during the annual Computer Science Project Fair for their project Cerberus.

2005-10-07   Judith Kennes presents guest lecture on eXtreme Programming.
Judith Kennes presents a guest lecture on eXtreme Programming to Informatics Honours students at the University of Pretoria.

2005-09-27   System Logic / Espresso Workshop
The System Logic / Espresso workshop was held at T Systems.

2005-09-24   Espresso/Fastar Kruger National Park Brunch
Here are some photos of the brunch at the Kruger National Park:

2005-09-22   SAICSIT 2005
Morkel Theunissen presented 'In Search of the Sweet Spot: Agile Open Collaborative Corporate Software Development', co-authored by Andrew Boake and Derrick G. Kourie.

Janno Grobbler presented 'Design of a High Resolution Soft Real-Time Timer under a Win32 Operating', co-authored by Andrew Boake and Derrick G. Kourie.

2005-09-22   Espresso/Fastar Workshop
Espresso and Fastar held their 2005 workshop at Greenway Woods, Whiteriver, Mpumalanga.

2005-09-20   SAICSIT 2005
Loek Cleopas presented 'TABASCO: a Taxonomy-based Domain Engineering Method', co-authored by Bruce Watson, Derrick Kourie and Andrew Boake at SAICSIT 2005.

Pieter Van Zyl presented 'Object-Oriented Databases and Object Relational Mapping Tools in the Persistence Layer' at SAICSIT 2005.

2005-09-13   SATNAC 2005
Morkel Theunissen presented 'Software Development in the Converging Telecommunications World', co-authored by Andrew Boake and Derrick Kourie, at the Southern African Telecommunication Networks & Applications Conference (SATNAC)

2005-08-26   Espresso inter-university visit
Judith Kennes is visiting the Espresso research group at the University of Pretoria.

2005-06-29   Espresso inter-university visit
Bart Seghers is visiting Espresso Research group at the University of Pretoria for 6 months.

2005-06-27   Kent Beck Visits University of Pretoria
Kent Beck, author of Extreme Programming, visited the University of Pretoria's Department of Computer Science, as a guest of Espresso.

2005-06-01   New Lab @ UP
The Espresso/FASTAR members at the University of Pretoria have moved into their own lab

2005-02-03   Jacquard 2005
Gertjan Zwartjes presented 'Tools in a Development Process' , co-authored by Joost van Geffen and Bruce Watson, at the Jacquard Conference

2005-02-03   Jacquard 2005
Michel Chaudron presented 'Towards Proving Preservation of Behaviour of Refactoring of UML Models' , co-authored by Marc van Kempen, Derrick Kourie and Andrew Boake, at the Jacquard Conference

2005-02-03   Jacquard 2005
Morkel Theunissen presented 'Open Source and Agile Software Development in Corporates: A Contradiction or An Opportunity?' , co-authored by Andrew Boake and Derrick Kourie, at the Jacquard Conference

2005-02-01   Espresso members inter-university visit
Morkel Theunissen is visiting the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven for 2 weeks

2004-12-01   SAIEE publications
Two articles from us appear in the Transactions of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) - Dec 2004 (Vol 95 No 4) journal: Industry experience in using an abstract model to select software development tools by G Zwartjes, JV Geffen, DG Kourie, A Boake and BW Watson & Single location object-oriented software development by MM Ross, DG Kourie and RJ van den Heever

2004-10-06   SAICSIT 2004
Derrick Kourie presented 'A Case for Contemporary Literate Programming', co-authored by Vreda Pieterse and Andrew Boake, at the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists (SAICSIT) Conference

2004-09-15   Empowering South Africa with Open Source seminar
Andrew Boake presented 'Why should we as software engineers concern ourselves about Open Source software?' at the Empowering South Africa with Open Source seminar, arranged by Brain Africa, at the Balilaika Hotel in Sandton

2004-09-07   SATNAC 2004
Morkel Theunissen presented 'A Preliminary Investigation of the Impact of Open Source Software on Telecommunication Software Development' , co-authored by Andrew Boake and Derrick Kourie, at the Southern African Telecommunication Networks & Applications Conference (SATNAC)

2004-08-26   2nd OSS Conference
Andrew Boake & Morkel Theunissen are attending the 2nd Opens Source Software Conference held at the Indaba Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa

2004-06-06   5th International Conference on XP and Agile Processes in SE
Vreda Pieterse is attending Fifth International Conference on Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering being held at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. She will be displaying her poster titled Literate Programming to Enhance Agile Methods

2004-03-30   Espresso members inter-university visit
Marc van Kempen is visiting the University of Pretoria for 6 months

2004-02-22   Espresso members inter-university visit
Gertjan Zwartjes and Joost van Geffen are visiting the University of Pretoria for 6 weeks