Espresso Workshop 2005
The following were presented at the Espresso Workshop 2005
Open research problems in finite state techniques
Bruce Watson
Refactoring Architectural Sty
Marc van Kempen
Karl Popper's Philosophy as a Theoretical Basis for Software Development Methodologies
Mandy Northover
A mathematical model for spell checking
Lorraine Liang
What is software design?
Andrew Boake
Formal Concept Analysis: Algorithmic Issues and Applications in Data Processing
Sergei Obeidkov
Refactoring tools and complementary techniques
Martin Drozdz
Soft realtime timers
Janno Grobler
Characterisation of Finite Automata Implementations: Preliminary Taxonomy Download
Ernest Ketcha Ngassam
An Algorithm for Navigational Supervision of Asynchronous Interfaces Download
Linda Marshall
A missing link in root-to-frontier pattern matching
Loek Cleophas
Agile Open Collaborative Corporate Software Development
Morkel Theunissen
Design Patterns : Understanding Object Oriented Frameworks
Karel van der Walt
Towards Surface Image Based Vehicle Tracking Download
Fritz Venter
Web frameworks
Iwan Vosloo
A FA-based algorithm for detecting approximate tandem repeats in DNA string
Corne de Ridder
Towards a SPEM definition of XP Download
Judith Kennes
The general process of TABASCO Download
Bart Seghers
FSP models for traffic conditioners
Tinus Strauss
Introduction to ODBM's and ORM Tools
Pieter van Zyl