FASTAR/Espressso NetWorkshop 2006
The following were presented at the FASTAR/Espressso NetWorkshop 2006
A new approach to NFA minimization
Jaco Geldenhuys
An algorithm to detect micro satellites in DNA
Corne de Ridder
Challenges in chip-design software
Bruce Watson
Classification of spell checking and correcting algorithms
Lorraine Liang
Critical Analysis of Refactoring Tools
Martin Drozdz
Developing a Consumer Health Informatics Decision Support System Using Formal Concept Analysis
Vincent Horner
Formal Enhancement of UML Use Case Diagrams Download
Stefan Gruner
FPGAs Applications for Network Security
Daniel Lungu
Open Source Software and Software Engineering Download
Morkel Theunissen
Pattern representation and matching in microchip design layouts
Fritz Venter
Performance of Object databases vs ORM tools
Pieter van Zyl
Perseverance throughout a PhD Journey
Ernest K Ngassam
Profiling Computing Curricula: How does Software Engineering Shape?
Linda Marshall
Software Design Forces
Andrew Boake
Software Visualization: Challenges and Results
Alex Telea
Stringology and Finite Automata
Jan Holub
T(h)ree taxonomies and a toolkit Download
Loek Cleophas
The Concept of Change in XP: Popper vs Kuhn Download
Mandy Northover
The Realities of Applied Research
Jay van Zyl
The strategic position of Software Engineering in modern organisations
Markus van Aardt
Use case meta-model with reference to refactoring, closure Download
Karel vd Walt
What to do to make teams jell sooner
Vreda Pieterse