Espressso/FASTAR Workshop 2007
Programme and Slides
The following were presented at the 2007 Espressso/FASTAR Workshop
Chip desgin & FA technology  
Watson, Bruce
Approximate FA construction  
Coetser, Wikus
An Empirical Investigation of Selected Spell Checkers and Correctors  
Liang, Lorraine
After hardcoding  
Ngassam, Ernest
Ambiguity in symmetric difference finite automata  
van Zijl, Lynette
Parallel FA Algorithms  
Strauss, Tinus
Searching for 2D rectalinear polygon patterns
Venter, Fritz
Natural language processing overview and research at UNISA  
Pretorius, Laurette
Description Logics / Semantic Web and other Meraka research  
Meyer, Tommie
Tree Algorithms: Two taxonomies and a toolkit  
Cleophas, Loek
NFA Simulation with Deterministic State Cache  
Holub, Jan
Research at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies  
Obiedkov, Sergei
Taxonomising FCA algorithms  
Schulz, Chris
Three Pillars and Five Princes: A Story About Architecture and Design  
Zwartjes, Gertjan
Architecture at the coal face: What we need you to research  
Boake, Andrew
Assessing a model-driven development process  
Klopper, Riaan
Change in SE methodologies: a philosophical perspective  
Northover, Mandy
Requirements engineering
Odendaal, Marlise
Assessing persistent mechanisms  
Van Zyl, Pieter
Advances in web technologies  
Prinsloo, Jaco
Migrating to a real-time distributed parallel simulator architecture  
Duvenhage, Bernardt
Distributing a communication effects server  
Duvenhage, Arno
A Generative Graph Template Toolkit  
Koopman, Theodore
Using FCA to derive expert system rules  
Horner, Vincent
Fast 3D curve fitting  
Reyneke, Pieter
A new approach to shadow rendering  
Rautenbach, Pierre
Assessing WSAN placement algorithms  
Nicholls, Gareth
Assessing a low latency energy efficient cross-layer WSAN protocol  
Kolmeyer, Eckhard
Corporate-, Agile- and OSS Development: Witches brew or Elixer of Life  
Theunissen, Morkel
Team composition in SE  
Pieterse, Vreda
Some interesting topic  
Van Staden, Stephan
Standardising SE curricula  
Marshall, Linda
A CSP optional parallel operator  
Gruner, Stefan
Radar Signal Processing  
Focke, Richard